SCS, Smart Chemical Services Continue To Experience Growth Despite Oil & Gas Slump

Oil and gas companies throughout the nation have idled equipment and slashed jobs to help them survive the downturn. According to a recent report, the number of employees in the oil and gas industry has plummeted by more than 100,000 since October 2014. That number only encompasses people directly employed by oil and gas production firms and support activities.

The outlook for the industry has been bleak, to say the least, but at Smart Chemical Solutions (formerly IAG) and Smart Chemical Services, we have not only managed to survive, but have flourished.

In 2015, Smart Chemical Services had a record year and grew by 40%. Additionally, we are on track to grow by 25% in 2016.

We acquired several different companies in the Smart Chemical Solutions (SCS) portfolio as well.  All companies under the SCS umbrella, including Smart Chemical Services and the acquisitions of Panhandle Express and Verde Solutions, added 62 additional team members. Smart Chemical Services alone welcomed 18 employees. In 2016 to date, SCS has added 16 new jobs across all companies.

How has SCS managed to thrive in such a downcast oil and gas market? We hire the best people and partner with our customers.

The downturn has provided SCS and Smart Chemical Services the ability to recruit and retain great talent within their organizations, giving them with an opportunity to grow exponentially. Additionally, SCS and Smart Chemical Services consistently focus on our customers' profitability, supplying them with solutions that reduce their total cost of operations without negatively impacting performance — during both busts and booms.

This is the fifth downturn management has witnessed in their careers and the SCS and Smart Chemical Services teams know how to positively impact our customers’ operations in a challenging environment. We maintain and foster our relationships, always offering customers superior service, an excellent value and a return on their investment.

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SmartChemHomepageImage2.jpgIf you are looking to join a team of talented oil and gas professionals and begin a rewarding career with a thriving company, please visit our Employment Page.

We are currently seeking senior account managers and offering other management opportunities in the areas of Eagle Ford, Permian Basin, Mid-Continent, and the Rocky Mountains. 

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