Importance Of Chemicals In Completion Fluids

Smart Chemical Services always thinks “Outside the Pipe” because all the chemistry that happens is when the completion fluid touches the geology. Understanding the reactions between the geology and that fluid is imperative in allowing the geology to release the maximum amount of oil and gas.

In a completion fluid that includes water, sand and chemicals, all of these components create opportunities for success and failure.

  • Water has minerals, bacteria and entrained oxygen that react with the geology.

  • Sand has particulate matter, bacteria and oxygen that react with the geology.

  • Chemistries such as friction reducer, cross-link gels, biocides, scale inhibitors, and clay stability additives all have positive and negative impacts on the geology.

Understanding how all of the above components positively and negatively impact the ability of the geology to release as much hydrocarbon as possible over the longest amount of time is our greatest technical ability.

Smart Chemical Services has invested consistently over 20 percent of our net income to studying the impacts completion fluids have on geology.

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